Thursday, April 3, 2008

2-6: First Blog Entry

Blogs are great for instruction. I use blogging in my instruction. I have been using blogs for several years now. First I started using a blogging to post material for the students, instruction for assignments, and examples of projects. Then I started using a blog to give the students the objective. Then I added a question to my blog as a do now for the students. So I had the students create their own blog . This worked out really well for my students. Now when the students come into class they go straight to the Question of the Day and answer it on their blog. This allows me time to take attendance and give the students some verbal instructions. Now I also post photographs of outstanding students, some student work and homework. The use of blogs has been a great benefit to my students. Now I am giving workshops for teachers I have created a blog to use for the teacher workshops. In the next workshop the teachers will be creating their own blog.

The beginning of this school year I had my students make a blog with blogger. Then one day in October we could no longer get onto blogger. So I went to the Tech Coordinator to fix the problem. I sent an email to the Technician at the board. After about a week with no response I sent another Email. Finally a response came. The technician instructed me to send emails only to my supervisor and he had to send it to him. My supervisor was the one who instructed me to email the technician, because I could communicate the problem better. Anyway emails went out for months with no action taken. Until one day I was told they could not let us use blogger without compromising the whole filtering sytem. I had little faith that blogger would ever be fixed. In the mean time I searched and tried many different blog sites. Non could compare to blogger. I did use, but I did not like this ite too much. Finally, the head of technology came to see me for a favor. I described my delima to him. He agreed that blogger was the way to go. The next day it was fixed. So now I have moved my class blogs to blogger. I believe in what I am doing with blogger and blogs. The benifit of blogging for my students makes it all worth while.

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